Corpul tau este primul si cel mai frumos cadou pe care l-ai primit cu ocazia zilei tale de nastere. Trateaza-l in consecinta!”




Had long hair for almost as long as I can remember, and mostly because it’s a family tradition. I have an aunt in Ukraine who’s hair is way longer than her body’s height  and she depends on her husband to wash it because she can’t do it all by herself. It’s kinda cute but I’ve always been a fan of short and messy hairstyles. 

I craved cutting my hair in the past two years , but my mum and sis,  always made me give up on my desire. 

This summer I’ve talked to some of my friends about cutting my hair and every single one of them thought it was a bad idea! It was such a big fuss that I almost got friend-dumped over the phone by my childhood bestie! 

As my sis was in holidays with her boyfriend, thought I’d take advantage of her being away and set up an appointment with a very good hairstylist. On my way to the salon, had a life changing call with my to-this-very-day-childhood-bestie that didn’t went very well: 

“-On my way to setup the appointment for the haircut! 

-I won’t tell you anything anymore! My opinion doesn’t matter anyways, so why bother?! 

-It does matter, and quite a lot, except that mine matters more! 

-You cannot compare a woman with short hair with a woman with long hair! 

I can still see the zebra in my head and remember how angry I got on the spot, so I just stopped and used a not-so-friendly-tone : 

-So you mean by that, that your mum, who has worn her hair short all her life is less of a woman then any other woman which has always had long hair?! 

-No, I mean, for her is ok. She’s married and has two kids! 

And the rebel in me just grew to a new level: 

-I will not grow my hair to impress some random guy who’s opinion doesn’t even matter! I will cut it, donate it to some children charity and wear the rest of it in the messiest way possible! 

I wasn’t born to be a sexy walking, talking machine! 

I wasn’t born to impress random people , and not even the people I cherish the most! 

I don’t live up to standards imposed by others!” 

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