Corpul tau este primul si cel mai frumos cadou pe care l-ai primit cu ocazia zilei tale de nastere. Trateaza-l in consecinta!”




As I was crossing Zurich main station on my way to work, I’ve noticed a stash of croissants in a bakery’s show-window and one of them sought my attention in particular.

It was the perfect chocolate croissant, showing itself to the world and waiting for someone to indulge in it’s fluffy, sweet, and buttery consistency. If you haven’t realised by now, I’m a croissant addicted. And the story goes way back to the time I was living in Italy. I loved the consistency, the taste, the smell of fresh baked heavenly delights!

At the time I just couldn’t understand how people would just eat plain croissants when they could have different types of filling, all in the same price. And they could stick to one. One empty croissant! And I would have one with nutella, one with cream, one with every type of jam they would have on display. My way of deciding which dessert to have from a variety of choices was always at least one of each!

And I could have dessert for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, I mean, I’ve lived for a whole month on nutella, milk and bread after a breakup, but that’s another story.

Now back to my beautiful perfect croissant, I’m on a vegan diet so I couldn’t buy it. I mean, I could have, but there’s the trick: I have made a decision to avoid animal products and I’m sticking to it till Christmas. Then an interesting thing happened: I was happy knowing that croissants exist! Knowing that if you choose to, you could indulge in this sweet temptation, and if you don’t then it’s ok too.

As I was telling my colleagues and friends about my blissful croissant experience, I’ve realised that it applies to almost every aspect of our lives: romantic relationships, friendships, partnerships. You dont need to eat the person, touch it, smell it, feel it, just knowing that they exist can make you happy.

As for the plain croissants, things dont always have to be extraordinary, they just have to be. Sometimes a walk in the snow by yourself it’s better than a Christmas family party.

So enjoy your croissants responsibly, mix the flavours, have plain ones, feel the different aspects of life and just enjoy it!

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