Corpul tau este primul si cel mai frumos cadou pe care l-ai primit cu ocazia zilei tale de nastere. Trateaza-l in consecinta!”




The charming ceiling
Beauty comes in unique ways, colours, shapes and heights.

Out of the sudden, my patient went: 

“- The ceiling looks strange! 

– What do you, mean? 

– It looks as if it weren’t finished yet! 

– I find it charming! 

– Charming?!” 

Yes everything has it’s charm. To me this ceiling is a reminder that things can look different from the way we’re used for them  to look like and yet function perfectly fine or even better. 

I mean, it’s purpose is to cover the room and prevent rain, snow or sun rays entering the room, and in our case, separate the storeys and serve as floor for the upper one. 

Same goes for people. We are here to experience life, support and love each other, not to be perfect or to fit anyone’s mold according to their needs and wishes. We don’t need the 90/60/90 measurements to be called humans or fit to be alive. We don’t need to have certain eyes or hair colour. Beauty comes in unique ways, colours, shapes and heights. 

It reminds me that we, as people don’t need to be perfect to work! 

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