Corpul tau este primul si cel mai frumos cadou pe care l-ai primit cu ocazia zilei tale de nastere. Trateaza-l in consecinta!”




When my friend Azuka came back from Mexico brought me these amazing yoga pants I couldn’t wait to try on, so when my yoga teacher invited us for an AcroYoga session in the park it felt like the right thing to do.

Little did I knew how this experience was about to change my perception about myself and life.

The warmup went on smoothly and I was still ignoring the fact I that was to meet another version of myself. The not so relaxed, not so confident, not so detached, the fragile, fearful and insecure version of myself.

Surprisingly, my partner accepted and embraced this “weak” version giving me the time I needed and guided me while holding my hands and lifting me in the air. Both as flyer and base I’ve realised that letting go means accepting each other’s imperfections, adapting accordingly, opening up about how you feel, really listening to your partner and trusting that they will do so in return.

While yoga has always been my way of getting to know and in touch with my body, it’s different layers, meeting my limits and exceeding them, AcroYoga is a way of getting to know oneself while building strong relationships based on trust and evolving together because your partner will always have your your back, legs, elbows, hips and whatever else you’ll feel like experiencing together. Pretty much like life, having the right people holding your hands at the right time.

Laetitia for your patience and dedication, I bow and hope to see you again soon!

As for the pants, don’t use spandex or any synthetics no matter how good they feel or else getting the right grip will be tricky!

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